Finally, the quick and easy way to have subscribers and sponsors flocking to your podcast by instantly making them sound more professional ...

"All My Friends Laughed When I Told
Them I Was A Professional Broadcaster
... But When They Heard My Podcast,
Their Jaws Dropped With Amazement!”


Dear Fellow Podcaster

If you'd like to instantly transform yourself from podcasting amateur to podcasting pro and produce quality content the BBC would be proud of, then what I'm going to say next will be right up your street ...

My Story

First of all, I'll come right out and admit it ... I'm a total podcasting junkie!

I love 'em ... my iPod's constantly jam-packed with podcasts I listen to when I'm working ...

Anyway, a few weeks ago I decided I'd like to have a go and create my own weekly podcast for my business clients ... I figured since I'd racked up a couple of hundred hours of listening to them, I'd be able to easily put something together that'd sound great ...

So, I spent the best part of a week organizing and recording and once it was finally finished, I played it back ... and you know what ...?

It Sucked Like a Vacuum Cleaner on Steroids

Oh my GOD, it was baaaad ...

I didn't realise it at the time but all through the recording were "ums", "ahs" and "uhs" ... and even worse ... at one point I completely forgot what I was talking about ...

All my clients would really be impressed when they heard that ... NOT!

What to do next? I had a couple of options:

  1. Re-record it and hope it wouldn't take almost another week to get a perfect take

  2. Hire a sound engineer to edit all the mistakes out

Problem was, I just didn't have the time to keep re-recording my broadcast until I got a perfect take. So I contacted a sound engineer to ask how much it would cost to hire her to edit all the mistakes out ... she said she'd need around 2 hours ... at $36 an hour!

I almost sprayed my computer screen with coffee ...

That's $72 (+ tax!) every time I wanted her to edit a podcast. Over the course of a year, that's a humungous $3,744 to have her fix my weekly podcast.

I'm sure $3,744 is excellent value for money if you're a record company ... but I'm just a guy starting out recording a few bits and pieces for clients ... that was way out of my league ...

So, I decided to think about it and after a while the answer came to me in a flash whilst I was watching the news ...

News anchors don't memorize their script - they use autocues, screens underneath the camera showing their script scrolling upwards as they read the passage ...

So I did a quick search in Google to see how much an autocue cost ...

Um ... try $2,000!!!


So I figured "Screw That! I'll make my own" and hired a programmer to build me a software autocue.

Once I had the finished program on my computer, I re-recorded my podcast - in a single take. I played it back and it sounded perfect ... then I played it to a couple of friends of mine and they were all impressed with how professional it sounded ...

Then one of my friends said:

"I bet there are thousands of podcasters out there who'd
love to get their hands on this program ..."

DING! Lightbulb moment!

So that's exactly what I'm doing ...

Introducing ...

Podcast Autocue Screenshot
Windows Vista Capable - Designed for Windows XP

“Podcast Autocue”

Perfect Podcasts - Every Time!

It doesn't matter what your podcast (or vidcast/vblog) covers:


Movie Reviews


Sports Commentaries


Political Discussions


Reports on Travel Destinations


Celebrity Interviews


A Roundup of the Day's/Week's News in Your Industry


Game Console Cheats


The Latest News from "Clubland"


Teaching Languages



“I think your product is great and I am busy spreading the word amongst teachers who I am introducing to podcasting so that they can use it with children as a learning tool.

“Its great for putting poetry in for reading and when used with special needs kids to read back their own writing - the level of self correcting is very high.

“Both groups think your product is fab!”

Sue Finnigan
Assistant Manager
Sheffield East City Learning Centre
South Yorkshire


“Thanks for creating this software. It is absolutely brilliant!!”

Loes van der Heijden
Multimedia Tutorials for PE-Design/Palette
Pre-Design Drawing Program for Embroiderers

In just a few minutes from now, you can turn from a broadcasting amateur into a broadcasting pro!

Podcast Autocue instantly lets you do your Podcast or Vidcast, talking just like you normally do without having to be self-conscious or think about what to say.

You'll immediately set your podcast apart from other, less professional, offerings which could be the key to getting those paying sponsors you've been hoping for ...

So What's the Cost for This Incredible Tool ...?

I thought about this for a long time ...

If you wanted to buy a new teleprompter you could pay anything up to (and over) $2,000.

Teleprompter Price

If you wanted to hire a decent audio geek to edit out all the mistakes from your weekly podcast, you're also looking at a small fortune.

Let's say you managed to find an engineer willing to do the work for just $15/hour. That's $30, 4 times a month, 12 times a year - still a whopping $1,440.

I could easily charge 10% of that ($144) and it would still be a bargain.

But you'll be delighted to hear, I'm not going to charge anything like $144 ... not even close.

In fact, right now your total investment in Podcast Autocue is just $144 $34.95

How come so cheap? Two main reasons:

  1. By offering it only as a download, I don't need to mess around with expensive CD duplication and fulfillment charges ...

  2. I figured anyone who's producing professional podcasts needs to have this software in their toolbox, so by making it less than $35 - podcasters will be more willing to try it out and I still make a few bucks so I can buy some of that professional podcasting equipment I've got my eye on ... Smile

If you're new to downloading products from the Internet let me put your mind at ease. It's dead simple. I gave the instructions to a friend (who's not what you would call a computer boffin) and he had no problems at all.

Oh and one last thing, Podcast Autocue is for Windows computers only ... although Mac & Linux users should be able to get Podcast Autocue working on Parallel Desktop and WINE respectively.

You Can't Lose With My 1 Year, No-Fail
Peace of Mind Guarantee

I know once you've used Podcast Autocue you'll wonder how you ever podcasted without it, but I understand you might be skeptical ... that's why I'm asking you to try it for yourself entirely at my risk for an entire year ...

Download your copy of Podcast Autocue by clicking on the link below. Install it, podcast with it and enjoy it for the next 365 days. If during that time, you honestly don't think it lives up to everything I've said, just contact me at my personal email address (listed below) and I'll promptly and politely refund you every penny back - no questions asked.

Try getting that kind of guarantee from Microsoft ... Smile

So you've nothing to lose and perfect podcasts to gain.

Now even though I'm taking on all the risk, you still might not be sure ... so I'm going to make it even better value for money ...

Podcasting Software


You'll also receive lifetime updates of Podcast Autocue.

Yep, that's right ... every time a new version comes out - you're going to get your hands on the latests features and improvements, absolutely free.

Nothing ... nada ... zip ... zero ... forever!

“As someone who posts a daily podcast, I really appreciate what a fantastic tool Podcast Autocue is.

“Besides being simple to use, it has loads of features that make podcasting -- or any type of recording -- quick and easy. I particularly like being able to adjust the speed, as well as save the scripts.

Since using it, I can't imagine ever recording without it.

Rosalyn .B.
United States

Now, the ball's in your court ... frankly, if all that's not enough to "bribe" you to buy Podcast Autocue, then I really don't know what will ... unless you also want a copy of that photo taken of me in the ballerina outfit ... Smile

However, for those of you who are chomping at the bit to get Podcast Autocue, and have absolutely no interest in seeing what I look like in a tutu, here's how to order ...

Click the orange Add To Cart button below
for an instant download and access to this brilliant tool.

Add To Cart

Once your credit card has been approved on our safe and secure server
you'll be taken to a special download page where you can download all the files,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even if it's 3:28am!

I wish you perfect podcasting ...

My sig

P.S. In as little as 5 minutes from now, you can be creating perfect podcasts subscribers will flock to listen to and sponsors will be fighting over to advertise on ...

P.P.S. Don't forget you'll receive unlimited lifetime updates worth an additional $97.

P.P.P.S. Remember, there's no risk to you. Purchase Podcast Autocue and use it for an entire year and if you don't feel it lives up my promises, simply email me for a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Click here to Download Podcast Autocue Now

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